DJ Mixes and Electronic Music Promotion

Web Developer and User Experience Designer in Virginia

Fundamental Bass Intelligence

In 2004 my husband and I founded an electronic music record label. We have over 10 releases and are world renowned, with artisis from multiple countries around the world from Belarus to the U.K., to Catalonia, to Belgium.

Fundamental Bass Intelligence

Since the 1990s I have DJed electronic music and became passionate about a particular genre from Detroit called “Techno Bass.” I had the idea of creating an online music magazine promoting it. We are now running on our thirteenth year.

DJ Mixes and Radio

I have DJed at events and music festivals in Philadelphia, Charlotte, Washington D.C., and Charlottesville, VA as well as radio stations local and abroad. I hosted a long running radio show on WTJU at the University of Virginia, The Binary Mix Sessions which moved to prestigious internet radio stations such as , Global Funk Radio and have played guest spots on Electroinvasion (Frequency Radio) and Bass Agenda.

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